Meet Rupert

  • Male, neutered, ~1.5 years
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Provided regular preventative care for parasite management (fleas, ticks, intestinal worms)

Rupert was brought to us as an emergent patient at 1.5kg in January, 2021. It was a long recovery and he pulled through two near-death experiences. We’re happy to elaborate further on his medical history upon inquiry.

He is a medium sized dog, with short legs, and medium length hair. He has very stretchy skin and a goofy grin. He loves kisses and pets, he is suspicious when you need to provide care like nail trims or vaccines. He’s always watching you! Rupert is a great guard dog and will sleep in your bed at night.

He lives in a free-run environment so he isn’t leash trained at this time. He spends most of his time guarding the house, but he does love to play in the yard with the others when his energy is higher. He has a really dedicated heart, he loves fully. It has been amazing to be his foster family and we look forward to finding him a permanent home.

Nervousness: Rupert takes a long time to adjust to strangers and can be snappy if touched without consent.

Exposure to Dogs: Raised in a sanctuary environment with a large pack of dogs, of varying ages. Has tolerance as a foster sibling to younger dogs and puppies.

Exposure to Cats: N/A

Suitability for Children: Rupert isn’t ready to join a family with kids, but can certainly join someone or a couple who plan to grow their family at a later time.

Grooming: Minimal maintenance required. Bathing as necessary, nail trims, and dental care. Currently receives nail trims, and occasional bathing. Minimal to no shedding.

Energy: This is a medium energy dog. He enjoys going for walks and playing when he gets the zoomies.

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