Meet Mitzi

  • Female, spayed, ~9 months
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Provided regular preventative care for parasite management (fleas, ticks, intestinal worms)

Mitzi was born ~August 15, 2021. She has been in our care from about 6 weeks old, having been caught from a stray jungle pack by one of our local residents. She “flights” or “freezes” when fearful, but does not show any aggression. Mitzi still has some ways to go with interest in strangers, she maintains significant distance and does not allow new people to pet her.

Mitzi is a quiet, mixed breed Thai dog. Based off the genetics on our island, we can say she classifies as an Asian spitz mix including: Thai ridgeback, and other spitz’ for this geographical region. These are companion/hunting animals, quiet, athletic/medium build dogs. She has erect ears, medium hair, strawberry-blonde hair and golden eyes. At the moment is 15.5kg, as a female we would not expect her to be more than 16-18kg fully grown.

She is happy when you come home and eagerly receives pets. Mitzi sleeps on the bed when the other dogs allow her to, she is at the bottom of the pack and very submissive. She is slow to warm up, but once she adjusts to your family, she is a loving and physically affectionate dog.

Mitzi has taken on an older sister role to our foster puppies, they like her a lot and she guards and protects them from any pack tension.  She knows what it feels like to be an underdog, and helps to balance out the family.

Nervousness: High nervousness to human strangers, sudden movements, etc. Will need significant training to adjust to a non-rural environment, and to you as her new family.

Exposure to Dogs: Raised in a sanctuary environment with a large pack of dogs, of varying ages. Has lots of practice as a foster sibling to younger dogs and puppies.

Exposure to Cats: N/A

Suitability for Children: To maintain a calm and stable environment with regards to sound and movement,  we advise only children old enough to understand and respect personal space for the dog.

Grooming: Minimal maintenance required. Bathing as necessary, nail trims, and dental care. Currently receives bathing and nail trims, minimal to no shedding.

Energy: This is a low/medium energy dog. She enjoys going for walks and caring for our puppies.

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