Meet Dylan

  • Male, neutered, ~4 years
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Provided regular preventative care for parasite management (fleas, ticks, intestinal worms)

Dylan wandered into our clinic in need of medical care in early 2020. He recovered and decided he didn’t want to leave so he stayed with us. He’s not much of a dominant dog and he is low energy, but as our only male dog at the time he became the alpha of the pack. He’s not very interested in our puppies but is tolerant to them and guards them like he does our pack and land.
He is a medium-large full-sized adult with medium length hair. He’s kind of fuzzy! He likes belly rubs and sleeping on the bed. He’ll lay beside you and tolerate some cuddles but he mostly just wants to be near you and keep you safe. We can see him with anyone – whether in a single person home or in a family environment.
Dylan is lazy but very intelligent. He only gets up when he has to, but doesn’t delay when he needs to protect his territory from strangers. When we go out for walks and meet strangers together, he is friendly and interested in meeting new people. He lives in a free-run environment so he isn’t leash trained at this time. You’ll have to moderate his food intake and exercise to keep him fit and maintain muscle, he is prone to gaining excess weight.
There are no permanent volunteers here on-site and it’s our job to find him a forever home.
Nervousness: Sociable with other dogs and humans. Friendly, approachable, and emotionally secure.

Exposure to Dogs: Raised in a sanctuary environment with a large pack of dogs, of varying ages. Has tolerance as a foster sibling to younger dogs and puppies.

Exposure to Cats: N/A

Suitability for Children: Dylan is a gentle, low energy dog. He hasn’t had exposure to children however as a guardian & companion mixed breed we can imagine him fitting right into family life.

Grooming: Medium hair requiring some brushing, baths as needed, some shedding. Haircuts could be considered, to keep the ears, bum, and thighs trimmed. Currently receives regular nail trims, the odd bath, and sometimes a seasonable buzzcut.

Energy: Dylan is a low energy, lazy dog! He has to be coaxed on walks and even eats laying down.

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