International Adoption

The following adult dogs have been in long-term foster care in a free-run, pack environment. They have each been in our care since as young as 6 weeks old. They were not adoptable as young puppies due to medical needs which are common in animals rescued from the jungle. Or, they were healthy and adoptable but missed their opportunity.

They range in age from one to five years old. They are all dog-friendly, healthy/fit-to-fly, and have some socialization with strangers and children. Our dogs have minimal or no exposure to cats, and high prey drive. Therefore, we cannot allow they go to a home with cats or other small pets.

The breed classification of these Thai rescues is mixed, though we recommend all potential adopters familiarize themselves with the breed traits of the Thai Ridgeback which are identical traits to our mixed breeds. They require an owner with a good understanding of dog behaviour, they are not for first-time dog owners.

Additional and dedicated training will be required to support your animal. Our dogs are some of the brightest and most intelligent animals we have worked with. They have spent their island life honing natural instinct and communication, such as guarding a territory and managing a complicated multi-generational pack hierarchy. Our foster dogs are teaching us every day, it’s an honour to have shared a home with them.

We utilize a Flight Volunteer system so your dog has a human traveling the same flight path to chaperone your pet. You will need to be available to pick-up your pet at the airport. We are looking for adopters who are patient due to the minimum four to six month wait.

We do not charge an adoption fee. Transit costs are to be covered by the adopter. These costs vary depending on the arrival country and flight path. A deposit would need to be received in order for us to begin investing in the paperwork and pre-book flights.

Please contact us for more information.