Meet Molly V

  • Female, spayed, ~6 months
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Provided regular preventative care for parasite management (fleas, ticks, intestinal worms)

Molly’s foster parents have been with her since about 12 weeks old. Their home has 2 adults, and another dog about 1.5 years old. They were kind enough to provide details on her personality and experience to help you decide if she’s the right dog for your family. She is a medium-large dog, currently at 16kg at about 6 months of age. She has big paws, long black hair, and a face shape reminiscent of Thai dogs in our area with a long snout, close set eyes, and high ears.

Molly originally lived with her sibling but due to lack of food found herself wandering the resorts and restaurants. We took her in and live by the beach where she learnt to swim, hunt for crabs, and roll in the sand. Molly swims every day and plays chase with her sister, Fox. She will retrieve a ball or stick (sometimes), she is very motivated by food and always knows when it’s breakfast and dinner time. She will also sniff out the garbage and maybe take something smelly to play with so always best to keep this somewhere safe!

She is a very loving and affectionate dog, enjoys attention from all humans and especially loves having her belly tickled. Molly enthusiastically greets us when we return home. Molly is used to having a lot of space and freedom to explore, she is independent and happy to be on her own, but also loves being with other dogs and playing chase in the yard.

Molly is able to understand basic commands and does come back on recall, she is an intelligent dog and would really enjoy further training. She is not fully leash trained but will quickly pick it up. Molly enjoys a ride out on the moped, but not in heavy traffic, only in a rural area.

Nervousness: Sociable with other dogs and humans. Friendly, approachable, and emotionally secure.

Exposure to Dogs: Fostered in a home with another dog. Often walked off leash in areas with stray dogs. Makes friends easily and loves to play.

Exposure to Cats: N/A

Suitability for Children: Has had exposure to young children and acts appropriately. No negative reactions/fear to noise or personal touch.

Grooming: Long hair requiring regular brushing, and baths as needed. Haircuts could be considered, to help manage this hair type. Is not keen on bathing, but loves water.

Energy: Has the normal energy of a puppy of this age. Happy to explore, hike, and play with canine or human friends.

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