Meet Eve

  • Female, spayed, ~3 years
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Provided regular preventative care for parasite management (fleas, ticks, intestinal worms)

Eve is quite the character. She’s a quietly entertaining dog and our environment is not her ideal space but she makes it work for her. When she isn’t playing with our pack she is sleeping under the sofa or kitchen counter. She needs someplace to retreat and hide to, where she can rest in peace and get away from the commotion of our foster pups.

She is a medium sized dog, with proportional limbs, a broad forehead, and nervous ears. She is very happy when you come home and if you don’t give her enough energy she’ll paw at you until you give her what she wants.

Eve loves other dogs but needs a quieter upgrade where she can have the attention she needs without having to hide when she’s overwhelmed.

She acts poorly towards younger animals when not supervised, we don’t recommend having smaller animals or young children at home.

Nervousness: Eve is a funny, neurotic thing, she needs to have a space which she can spend her time under like a table or sofa. She is quiet and isn’t interested in meeting new people.

Exposure to Dogs: Raised in a sanctuary environment with a large pack of dogs, of varying ages. Is not a natural nurturer, she likes to play with others but isn’t patient enough for little beings.

Exposure to Cats: N/A

Suitability for Children: It could be fun for her to have older children to occupy her attention, but she will do okay in a solo home too.

Grooming: Minimal maintenance required. Bathing as necessary, nail trims, and dental care. Currently receives bathing and nail trims, minimal to no shedding.
Energy: This is a medium energy dog. She enjoys going for walks and playing when she gets the zoomies.

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