Meet Atlas

  • Female, spayed, ~1.5 years
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Provided regular preventative care for parasite management (fleas, ticks, intestinal worms)

Atlas joined our pack at the end of December 2020, with 3 of her sisters at ~8wks old. They were dumped in a box on the street and a tourist called us to pick them up. She was the most confident and dominant from the get-go, she can be bossy with other little ones and is best in a small family.

She is a quiet, mixed breed Thai dog. Based off the genetics on our island, we can say she classifies as an Asian spitz mix including: Thai ridgeback, and other spitz’ for this geographical region. These are companion/hunting animals, quiet, athletic/medium build dogs. She has erect ears, medium hair, and does have the tell-tale ridge of hair along the spine growing backwards.

After the end of our last rainy season, Atlas and her sister Tipsy moved down the ravine from our house. They spent these last 6 months at the beach enjoying the sun and swimming. Atlas really loves to swim. She adjusted immediately to our neighbour as her foster parent and made friends with new dogs at the beach. There is 1 cat at her new house, but it’s our understanding they don’t spend much time together.

It’s our duty to find Atlas a permanent home, it is very difficult and financially challenging for dogs to be homed permanently on our island. She had a great start here immediately in foster care and she is ready for that next step – for her forever home.

Nervousness: Atlas is a friendly pup, she can be a little jumpy at first but once she knows you are her friend she’ll be happy to have you around.

Exposure to Dogs: Raised in a sanctuary environment with a large pack of dogs, of varying ages.

Exposure to Cats: There is one cat at her current foster home.

Suitability for Children: Atlas is dominant so we recommend a smaller family or couple. Children should be old enough to respect her space.

Grooming: Minimal maintenance required. Bathing as necessary, nail trims, and dental care. Currently receives nail trims, minimal to no shedding. She loves water, so bathing is not a problem.
Energy: She has normal, medium energy for her age. She spends her days at the beach playing and swimming with her sister and dog friends.

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